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AA5AU Ham Radio - RTTY FAA and FCC Exam Practice
ac5jv - George
AE7Q - Amateur Extra Query Tools
Aeronautical Information Manual
Aeronautical Information Package
AH0A - Amateur Radio Education Web Site
Aircaft Manuals - Military and Civilian Aircraft Manuals
Aircraft paint schemes and paint scheme design services from Aircraft
AIRLINERS.NET - Just Like Flying But Without The Peanuts
AKWXCAM Map 155212 UTC
ALF Enterprises Discount dealer of ham radios
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An Attic Coaxial-Cable Trap Dipole for 10, 15, 20, 30, 40, and 80 Meters
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Antennas - LB Cebik W4RNL
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AOAS.ORG - Arkansas-Oklahoma Astronomical Society
APRS Stations Near TULSA, OK
ARISS - International Space station
Arkansas Sky Observatory
ARRLWeb QRP Community Software for the QRP Shack (Part 1 of 2)
ARRLWeb QRP Community Software for the QRP Shack (Part 2 of 2)
ARS Statistics e-Print archive
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Astronomical Headlines
Astronomical Society of Las Cruces NM
Astronomy Connection
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Astronomy, Remote Control Telescopes, Observatories, View the Universe - - Preview
AstronomyOutreach network
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AstroVideo - FitsX Home
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Avia Guide to Home Theater - Ovation Software
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Black Viper's Web Site
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Brady Theater Old Lady of Brady - Stop Junk E-Mail and Misinformation
Buddipole - hf portable dipole antenna system
Build a 1000 MHz RF Spectrum Analyzer Inexpensively
California Airlines (CAX) - X-Plane
California Airlines Welcome Page
CAPTAIN SIM - Flight Sim software
Cardiff Council
CD Media World - CD-DVD Utilities
Celebrate Life Run Welcome
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Chromatix' Webspace - x-plane
Circle Cinema - Tulsa OK
CircuitMaker - the virtual electronics lab
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Cloudbait Observatory Home
Cloudy Nights Telescope Reviews
ColorMatch Remix
Communicatie Centrum Venhorst
Compute Sunrise, Sunset & Twilight For Cities & Airports Worldwide With Local TZ
Computer Operated Telescopes
Computer Security Response Team - TU
Computer Surplus Outlet - Your Liquidator of Today's and Yesterday's Computer Products
Computing sun & moon transits by the International Space Station - independent tests of herbal, vitamin, and mineral supplements
Contesting Online Home
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CookieCantenna - SeattleWireless
Coolsig - Find Great Email Signatures
CORA - Central Ok Radio Amateurs
Cosmiverse - The Space Portal
Counterexploitation []
CovertCall - caller id spoofing at long distance rates
CQ Magazine Home Page
Creating Windows XP Icons - MSDN Library
Cruithne, Earths second moon
Crystal Radio Circuits
CSGNetwork and Computer Support Group, Service & Information
CSS No Crap Primer
CSXT - the Civilian Space eXplortion Team
Cube Explorer Homepage
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Current Space Weather
CVSCorp.Com - Flight sim
Cyborg Name Generator
Cypherix Cryptainer LE Free Encryption Software
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Dark Sky Oklahoma
Daryl Cagle's Professional Cartoonists Index!
Dating On The Go
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DeeT's Antenna Page
Desktop Universe
Digimods - The UK's Best Virtual Cars - Photoshop Auto Chopping
Digital Camera Resource Page
Digital Camera Reviews and News Digital Photography Review Forums, Glossary, FAQ
Digital Cameras Info
Distributed computing - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
DNS Stuff - Software - Music - Games
DP -- Distributed Proofreaders - Project Gutenberg
Duct Tape Fashion Gallery One
DVD Decrypter Website
DVD Shrink Shrink your DVDs to fit DVDR!
DX Holiday Information for DX and Radio Hobbyists
DXLab - The Real Time Radio Network
DXZone ham-radio, shortwave and cb-radio guide
Dynamic Helicopter Aerodynamics !
EAA Chapter 10 Tulsa Oklahoma Home Page
Earth and Moon Viewer
eBaum's World - Media For The Masses - funny videos, flash games, jokes, clean humor, hilarious flash, funny pics, office humor
EchoFilter - Digital Audio Filtering Software - Everything Hi-Fi Online - Audio Reviews Car Electronics Home Theater Video DVD MP3 HDTV
Edge of Space Sciences - Warbird And Commercial Flight Manuals
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Evrsoft - Cool Software for Web Builders
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Exploring Mars The EarthDial Project
ExtremeTech - Deep technology for enthusiasts and professionals
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FAA-AFS 600 - Search Results
Falcon's Nest Space Page
FarStone VirtualDrive CD-DVD Emulator
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FlightGear Flight Simulator - Aviation Videos - Airplane Videos - Online aviation loudest place!
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Flying Pigs QRP Club International, W8PIG
FMO (Fast Moving Object) home page
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Franklins.Net Developer Training
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G3CWI's Radio Adventures - Koch CW Trainer
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GameCopyWorld Mirrors
Garmin ForeTrex Review
Geocachers - Tulsa Area
Geocaching - The Official Global GPS Cache Hunt Site
GetRight Download Manager Resume Downloads, Schedule Downloads, Faster Downloads
Gibson Research Corporation Home Page
GigaParts, Inc.
GIMP - The GNU Image Manipulation Program
Glass2k Chime Softwares
Glenn-AA5PK's Home Page
Global Consciousness Project -- consciousness, group consciousness, mind
GOES-10 Current ARM sector visible image Colorado State University Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere
Good Ones from Mike
GoodWay Flight Planner - x-plane
Gordon Garradd's Astronomy Page
got apex Deals, Coupons, Sales, Money, Computers, Electronics, and Reviews
GPS Flight
GPS World - The Hunt for RFI
Grasslands Observatoroy
Great Circle Mapper FAQ
Green Laser Pointer - CNI
Green Laser Pointer - LeadLight Technology,lnc.
Griffin Electronics Monitor Repair
guimp world's smallest website
Guy D Baldwin, DO
HACKER WHACKER Remote Computer Network Security Scan Don't Fear the Registry [Sep. 03, 2003]
Hallicrafters Web Site
Ham Radio Deluxe Home Page
Ham Radio Market
Ham Radio Section
Ham University -- What is it
Hamalyzer - Spectrum Analyzer for Amateur HAM Radio Enthusiasts Amateur Radio Products
Hamdata Callsign Server
Hammacher Schlemmer
HAMSEXY DOT COM - Famous Potatoes
HAMster Shack
HardOCP - Mother boards
Hawaiian Music Radio Station featuring Hawaiian Music 24-hours every day and Hawaiian Recipes
HB9BBD - Amateur Radio Moonbounce - News
Headlights - fiber-optic light-up team hats
Heartland Antique Radio Association
HF Beam Calculator, The HF Portable Group.
HI FI Audio in SSB
Hide's QRP Home Page JA9MAT (Hidehiko KOMACHI)
High Power Green Lasers, Helium Neon Lasers, HeNe Laser Guns, Laser Light Shows, Laser Flashlights, Holography Books - Shareware and Freeware
Home Of The Miracle Maker  Ike (Red) Enns Pilot
Home Planet Release 3.1
Homebrewing Zone for the ham radio novice
Hosting Web Hosting Plans - The net's largest PHP, CGI, Perl, JavaScript and ASP script collection and resource web portal
How to build a tin can waveguide antenna
How to Bypass Most Firewall Restrictions and Access the Internet Privately
How to Make Lava Lamps - Oozing Goo
How to partition a HD from
how-to ‘usb battery’ v2 - hack a day -
HowStuffWorks - Learn how Everything Works!
HSF - International Space Station
Hutt's - Map
IAU Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams
Iceland Worldwide - Northern Lights
ICOM CI-V Information pages by DF4OR
Icom Information and FAQ Page
Igloo Observatory
Image2000 Home page
Imaging Science Foundation Home Page!
IMO Radio Meteor Pages
Infobel World - Telephone Directories
Information Unlimited - Science Projects, Electronics Kits, Lasers, Tesla Coils, High Voltage Engineering, Plans, Books, Parts,
Inquirer - Welcome
Internet Linking, Amateur Radio - VK2JTP
Interview with an honest boss
IOTA Main Table of Contents
IP Chicken!
ipd volvo auto performance parts accessories restoration maintenance upgrades
Iridium Flares
Iss Fan Club
ISS Transit email-alert signup
ITA AUTOGEN for x-plane
ITARS -- Indian Territory Amateur Radio Society
IZ8BLY's website (Nino Porcino)
Jackie Cooper Imports
JavaScript Source Free JavaScripts, Tutorials, Example Code, Reference, Resources, And Help
Jim's Jumpin' Junque - K5LAD
Joplin Amateur Radio Club
JRP Speedway
JustSnipe - FREE eBay auction sniper software offers free snipe every week
K1EL Morse Keyers and PIC Stuff
K5DZE - Society of Amateur Radio Astronomers
K5OE, Amateur Radio Antennas
K5OE, Home Brew Amateur Satellite Hardware Picture Album
K5THD Tulsa Health Department Amateur Radio Club
K7QO's Home Page
K8CU - Technical Topics
Kangaroo Tabor Software - Tools for Amateur Radio Operators & Communications Professionals
KarenWare - Home of Karen's Power Tools
KE4AZN Echo Satellite WebSite
kevin rose dot com
KGØVL - VHF Radio Aurora Research
KI0AG Micro-duplexer
KM5CW's Ham Radio QRP site
KPIG Radio Online
KR2 - Jerry and Dan's AIRPLANE FACTORY
Kyosho Home Page
KØBG's Web Site
Laser discussion and modification board READ THIS before making adjustments , mistake in previous instructions
Laser pointer modification
LAX - Los Angeles International Airport - AirportMonitor - by Megadata - powered by PASSUR
LDG Electronics Inc. The Central Site for the LDraw Family of LEGO® CAD Software
Lessons In Electric Circuits
Let's Talk Stars - David H. Levy
License Search
Lifters Experiments home page by Jean-Louis Naudin
LightTags your message in motion
Listen to Ham Radio live
Live WebCam - Grupo SAROS Expediciones Científicas -
Lockergnome - Free Technology E-mail Newsletters
Lone Star Observatory
Long Now Foundation
LPWS The Laughing Policeman Wireless Society.........This is IT!
Lunar 100 from S&T
M&M Sorter
Magical Jelly Bean Software
make a starship enterprise out of a floppy
Malin Space Science Systems Home Page
Mars Exploration Rover Mission Home
Mayes County Amateur Radio Club's homepage
Meteor Observing Calendar
Meteorites for Sale,Iron Meteorites, Stone chondrite Meteorites, Tektites, Rocks, Gems, Minerals
MFSK16 - A new weak signal DX mode
Microsoft Office Clip Art and Media Home Page
Microsoft Office Clip Art and Media
Microsoft Outlook Web Access
Mid-States Region Of the Astronomical League
Mike's Electric Stuff
Military Surplus, Disaster Preparedness and Camping - Major Surplus and Survival Warehouse.
MINI COOPER Online Offers news, forums, FAQs, and reviews to enthusiasts and owners of the new MINI COOPER - The Online Knowledge Magazine
MM Hamsoft
Moblie Equipment International
Modification for hamradios and it's FREE to use!! - Modification for radioamateure
Molecular Expressions Science, Optics and You - Powers Of 10 Interactive Java Tutorial
Molecular Expressions Science, Optics and You - Secret Worlds The Universe Within - Interactive Java Tutorial
Moon Calendar
Motorola - Test Mode, Call Status, Battery Info
Motorola t731 - menu map - user guide
Mount St. Helens VolcanoCam - Mount St. Helens National Volcanic Monument
Mr -- Toll Free 877.682.2299
Multiband Antenna Online Maps to Everywhere.
MyAirplane.Com - [HOME]
MyAirplane.Com - Electronic Charts
N1MM Contest Logging Software
N3KL.ORG Solar activity monitor
N4UJW ANTENNA DESIGN LAB - Ham Radio Antennas - Design 0r Build Your own Ham Radio Antenna
N6NB Page
NACO - Digital Terminal Procedures Search
NASA Computational Sciences
NASA Human SpaceFlight
Nat Radio Co. - Home
National Assembly for Wales
National Biplane Expo
Naval Space Surveillance System NAVSPASUR
NemesisNXT Build the Dream.. Be The Competition
Nest of Dragons - The World Of WiFi
Network Homepage -- Discovery Channel
Network Overview --- Internet Traffic Report
new mini parts, products and accessories, madness equipped
Nexus Mustang - by Dick Eaves
Nick pinout - - Tons of Hardware resources and more...
NIST Radio Station WWV
NJ Night Sky - Amateur astronomy and telescope building.
NOAA ARL Real-time Environmental Applications and Display sYstem - Current Meteorology
North American Meteor Network Home Page
Northeast Oklahoma Simplex Page
NØ UK High Speed CW Meteor Scatter Page.
OBSESSED of the E.A.S.
Oklahoma Repeater Society,
Omniplex Home - Web Hosting and Domain Registration - Web Hosting
ON6MU Free Software for Radioamateurs
ON6SAT Amateur Satellite Links
Open Source Web Design - Home -^- - On Line Produt Catalogs
Orange County Astronomers -- Home Page
ORB - Ok Research Balloons
Orbiter - A free space flight simulator
Orisinal Morning Sunshine
OSU Radio Club - W5YJ.ORG
OWL Optical Wallet Light Official Page
OXY Dining Services Website
P.J. DYER - WA5IYX - VHF Propagation
PAC-12 Antenna by KA5DVS
Pacific Northwest Rover and Mountaintop Locations - The #1 Multimedia Community on the Net!
PAR Electronics Inc. Filters for the commercial 2 way market, MATV, FM broadcast, laboratory, marine industry, amateur radio, s
Paul Maley - Astronomy
PC Aviator - The Flight Simulation Company! We're The World's #1 Supplier of Flight Simulation Products and Flight Simulators.
PE2KW Ham Radio Amateur Page fm Raymond Valk Den Haag-Netherlands
Pender's Island - N9IVO
Penguin baseball
pfc home page
Pharmacy - American Rx
Physically Based Modeling and Simulation - Vehicle Physics - Simulation Framework for Windows and Linux - Debugging - MachSim.c
Picture of the Day - Space Station
Planetarium Software
PocketFMS index
Police Auctions - Repossessed and Confiscated Items for Auction -
Port number assignments
Powrachute Why Powrachute Just ask any pilot who flies one!
Price Watch ® - Street Price Search Engine
Privacy Tips - g4techtv - The online resource for process information!
Programmers Heaven - Where programmers go!
Project Blinkenlights Arcade Games
Project Oscar
Project Radio JOVE Home Page
PSK31 Sound Card to Transceiver Interface ''KIT'' Home Page.
PTVupgrade.COM    TiVo Upgrade Kits
PV-7 Portable Multiband Vertical HF Antenna
Pyros Home - Astromaging
QRP HF Radio-AL7FS-Anchorage Alaska
QRP SSB Transceiver - WB9IPA - The DXers Choice
Quicken Bill Pay
Radio amateur activities of ON4SKY
Radio Club of America, Inc.
Radio Mobile WEB Site - Trucking Company and False DAC Reports by Truck Drivers for Truck Drivers Portal
Repeater Builder .pdf Index
Repeater Builder's Technical Information Page (tm)
RF Cafe - Homepage
RF Noise Home Page - VE3HLS
RhymeZone rhyming dictionary and thesaurus
RigPix Database - Main - The Van's Aircraft Builder Forums
Roanoke Valley Astronomical Society
Rob Matson's SkyMap version 6.6
Robert Gendler - Astro images
Robot Maxamilian - Androids
Rock Paper Scissors Strategy Guide
Rubik's Online - Online Cube
SARA the Society of Amateur Radio Astronomers
sarah. word.
Satcom Homepage - ISS Transit
satcom Homepage
SatEL - Satellite Az-El Rotar System
Scaled Composites
Science Toys
ScienceWorld - Eric Weisstein
Scratch & Sniff
Sea and Sky
Sebastian's comet hunt
Sebastians comet hunt
Seeing with Optical Filters
Seventeen or Bust Home
Shadow & Substance Home Page
Shields UP! -- Internet Connection Security Analysis
shiftHEAD - hoME
Shop Impact Images
Shuttle Radar Topography Mission
Simon Brown HB9DRV
SIMTEL - software
Simviation or Simaviation - Flight Simulator 2004 & 2002 - Thousands of Quality free add-ons for Microsoft's Flight Simulator s
SkyGazer Network
Skyhound by CapellaSoft
SkyWatch Astronomy News
Slashdot News for nerds, stuff that matters
Slipstick Systems Exchange and Outlook Solutions Center
Sloan Digital Sky Survey - SkyServer
SmartWebby's Guide to Simple Dynamic HTML (DHTML)
Software Bisque's Web Page
SOHO images - The very latest
SOHO Sungrazers
Solar System - Pictures of the planets
Solar Terrestrial Dispatch - Leader in Space Weather Forecasting Services
Solar Terrestrial Dispatch - Real-time Space Weather Plots
Song Parodies and Misheard Lyrics Project Info - Password Safe
Southern Oklahoma Amateur Radio Emergency Services. Murray County & South Central Oklahoma
Southwest Aviator - Flying magazine for pilots and aviation enthusiasts in the SW
Space Audio
Space Station Science Picture of the Day Hebesphenomegacorona
Space Weather Alerts Page
Space Weather Now -- Something Amazing Every Day
Spaceflight Now Breaking News NASA solves half-century old moon mystery
SpaceRef - Space News As It Happens
SpaceShipOne 2004 -- News and information about meteor showers, solar flares, auroras, and near-Earth asteroids
SPF-SE (SPF-Professional, SPF-PC, SPF-Win discontinued)
SPF_SE home
SPFPC - Command Technology Corp
Spitzer Media Images
Spitzer Space Telescope
Split ring 10-inch telescope - building
Spread Spectrum Scene Online An Extraordinary RF and Wireless Gateway
SpybotSD - Download Spybot - Search & Destroy by PepiMK Software
SquawkVFR - Live, streaming audio from municipal airport Control Towers around Phoenix
SQUIRL - Field Day Logger - World's Largest Soaring and Gliding site.
STAR AtlasPRO Astronomy Software for brilliant Star Charts
StarCalc Home Page [English]
Starchart Map Server
Steve's Airshow World
Steve's Digicams - Main Menu
Steve's Flight School
Stillwater Amateur Radio Club - Aviation, Flight Simulators
Stonebelt Stargazers - AstroByte
Stripe Snoop Homepage
Strong Signals - Radio Monitoring At Its Finest
Super Antennas
Swire Mariners Association
Tater Hill Regulators
TCNiSO All Cable Modem Hacking! Uncap and Hack Surfboards RCA Toshiba 3Com Com21
TechTV Build a 10¢ Wi-Fi Antenna
TechTV Dark Tip Alcohol 120% - Copy Protection
TechTV Review Pioneer DVR-810H-S DVD Recorder-Player With TiVo
TechTV Windows Tweak Hack Your XP Login Screen
Teeniemünde Rocketry Club Page
Telegraph Office -- A Tribute to Morse Telegraphy and Resource for Wire and Wireless Telegraph Historians and Collectors
TFR Data Elements
TGT Soft LLC Home
The Artima Developer Community
The Aurora Page
The Cardiff Initiative
The Citrus Belt Amateur Radio Club - Route 66 OTA
the Degree Confluence Project
The House of X-Plane
The L Store
The Nature Source Presents Fossils Minerals Meteorites Artifacts and Dinosaur Collectibles
The Nonverbal Dictionary
The Official Peter Dowson Page - FSUIPC
The Official Peter Dowson Page
The Smoking Gun
The Solar System
Theodore Gray
thinking space please click edit - InTheBeginningWasTheCommandLine
Thomas Cadillac Volvo
Tiger Technologies Web Hosting Get Your Own .com Address - Buy the Best Computers, Components, Memory, Hard Drives, Monitors and much more at the Lowest Prices!
Time and Date
TimeTrax - Timeshifting Software for Your XM PCR - Listen to Your Favorite Music on Your Time
Tips, Guides, How-To (Astronomy)
TISI Benefits Manager
Titan Aircraft .Com Welcome To Titan P51
TiVo - Yahoo! News - Tune in to the new TV religion
TiVo Community Forum!
TiVo FAQ - Hacking
TiVo Hacking - DealDatabase Forum
TiVo Upgrade Kits, Complete TiVos, and DirecTV TiVo DVR -
TiVos, DirecTV DVRs and TiVo Upgrade Kits -
Total Simulation Series - The Best in Combat and Flight Simulation
TRX-Manager HAM Radio CAT software
Tulsa .Net User Group - Tulsa DNUG
Tulsa Airport Authority
Tulsa Clear Sky Clock
Tulsa Glue Dobbers - Control Line
Tulsa Golden Hurricane Club
Tulsa Oracle Users Group
Tulsa TV Memories Main Page
Tulsa, Oklahoma Regional Loop by Intellicast
Tulsey Town Yarnspinners
Tutorial How to make panels and skins for X-Plane - Hundreds of Tweaks, Tips, Visual Styles, and Software for Microsoft Windows XP
UBC Electric Bike Club
UGN Security - Dare to take the road to Knowledge, Information, Power...
Undiscovered Scotland Home Page
University of Hawaii Windward Community College Radio Observatory
University Subscription Service, Inc. - Home Page
UPX the Ultimate Packer for eXecutables - Homepage
US Frequency Allocation - pdf
Use the (PureDigital) Dakota Digital Camera with your PC
USNO Astronomical Applications Department
V-UHF Tropospheric Ducting Forecast
Van's Aircraft - Total Performance RV Kitplanes
Vanity HQ - N4MC
VE7CC DX Cluster - free Windows software downloads for Microsoft Windows updates, upgrades, and patches for freeware, sharewa
Video Surveillance Motion Detection Software for the personal computer.
VideoLAN - Free Software and Open Source video streaming solution for every OS!
Virtual Antennas
Virtual Atlas of the Moon - Free astronomy software
visual basic, vb, active server pages (ASP),java, javscript,c, c++, c__ , vbscript,active server pages, ASP, vbscript,SQL, data
Visual Comets in the Future (Northern Hemisphere)
Visual Satellite Observer's Home Page
Vitamin Q - a temple of trivia and lists
VK2TIP - Electronics Tutorials - Australian Amateur Radio Truth About Computer Virus Myths & Hoaxes
Voisin 35 Replica Bomber
Volvo - My Swedish Parts
Volvo Maintenance Hints for 7xx-9xx
W2KRP Amateur Radio Homepage
W3KM`s GenLog Contest Logger HF - VHF - UHF - QRP - PSK - State QSO Parties - 32bit logger
W6JZE Amateur Radio Links
Warbirds Resource Group
Ward's Personal Pages
Weasner's Mighty ETX Site
Webcam Imagers Gather for Q-2004
Webcams Applications from CNET
WebMag Online - The No#1 Resource for Web Builders
Weekend Project Cut the cords with a Wi-Fi network - CNET reviews
Welcome '51 Classmates!
Welcome to IBuyPower!
Welsh Course
Western Montana Astronomical Association - Amateur Astronomy based in Missoula
WF5E QSL SERVICE, the leading IT encyclopedia and learning center
Where do hams live
Where's George -
Wholesale For Everyone
WICKED LASERS - High Powered Modified Green Laser Pointers and Modules
Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Will Rogers Official Web Site
Will Rogers
William Hepburn's TV & Radio DX Information Centre
Win-Test Contest Logging
Windows XP Home and Professional Service Configurations by Black Viper
Winlink 2000
WinMorse - The Ultimate Text to Morse Solution - W5GGW
World Radio Network, WRN Transmission, digital satellite, Sky Digital radio, WRN Broadcast, international news, short wave, rel
World Wide HamCall Callsign Server
World Wide War Driving 2
WOW Lounge - Viewing list of forums
Wristbands, Ticket Printing, Tickets & Much More! National Ticket Company!
WS_FTP Pro 7.6 User's Guide
ww-manufacturing - batteries
WX-TALK - IRLP - Skywarn - National Hurricane Center - Echolink - IRLP Weather Net
X-Plane - Building an object
x-plane - deep blue sky gateway
x-plane - down_load
x-plane - FAQ
x-plane - Index of
x-plane - Index of -Web_Links
X-Plane - scenery tools
x-plane - Tazbertair
x-plane - Welcome to Mark Fisher's homepage
X-Plane airport, nav-aid, intersection and airway FAQ
X-Plane and FlightGear global airport and nav-aid data homepage
X-PLANE download files - UK
X-plane download site
X-Plane Downloads
X-Plane FAQ
x-plane files via Austin
X-Plane Flight Simulator Community
X-Plane Freeware Project
X-Plane Global Scenery Project - Download Area
X-plane Index of -updates
X-Plane Irish Hub
X-Plane Modem Mirror by Wireless-Central
X-Plane Sceneries
X-Plane SRTM scenery - JObjectTool - XPlaneNewYork - #1 Fan Site for Fresh XM Satellite Radio Info
XPIH - The X-Plane Irish Hub
XPlaneUpdate - Automatic Software Updates For X-Plane
XPlaneUpdate - Home
Yaesu FT-101 HF Transceiver Home Page, NW2M
Yaesu FT-101
Yahoo! Autos
YO (Romanian) Call Book On Line!
ZDNet AnchorDesk Why you should Google yourself--and often - The #1 Low Cost Hosting Provider!
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